TSUM: Ukraine’s One and Only

Since 1939, TSUM has been where shoppers began their search for everyday items as well as once-in-a-lifetime treasures that would become family heirlooms.

Like Harrod’s, Macy’s and Galeries Lafayette in the West, TSUM is Ukraine’s “anchor store.” For seven decades, it has not only been the epicenter of Kyiv retailing, it has been an iconic temple of fashion, furnishings and all things desirable. For visitors from across the country, no visit to Kyiv could be complete without stopping at TSUM to experience products and brands that simply weren’t available anywhere else.

Kyiv without TSUM? Unthinkable. It’s in the city’s DNA. More than a building, it is an irreplaceable part of the city’s commercial and social life. It’s part of our history and tradition. No mere landmark, for generations TSUM has represented the best in Ukrainian shopping.